Unlike many writers, I’m equally comfortable cutting as I am creating, reimagining as I am visioning, gut renovating as I am building. Cultivating non-attachment has enabled me let go of the superfluous—not to mention, serving as Executive Editor of two fast-paced weekly magazines. Producing a publication in a deadline-driven pressure cooker sure hones one’s ability to slice and dice with efficiency and flair. In addition to executive editing Life & Style and OK!, I’ve also conceptualized, commissioned, trimmed and tightened at In Style and Brides magazines. I continue to cast my critical (yet kind) eye over bodies of work ranging from chapters to manuscripts to book proposals.

The role of the writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we are unable to say. Most of the writing today…contains such a poverty of language, such triteness, that it is a shrunken, diminished world we enter, poorer and more formless than the poorest cripple deprived of ears and eyes and tongue. The writer’s responsibility is to increase, develop our senses, expand our vision, heighten our awareness and enrich our articulateness.
—Anaïs Nin