“The clients I’ve put with Claire LOVE her work. It’s been magical. As you know, if you’re writing a memoir, your story can feel all-consuming. Claire loves getting out of her own head to help others, which then gives her more energy and inspiration to dive back into her own. I love win-wins!” —Linda Sivertsen, New York Times bestselling author and midwife of bestselling books, LA


“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Claire. Because she came highly recommended from a trusted source, I had high expectations. Claire greatly exceeded them. Although I’d never worked with a ghostwriter before, as the former CEO of a successful publishing house I’ve worked with hundreds of writers. Claire not only quickly assessed what I needed, produced what I wanted, and met the deadlines (which so few writers can), but her creative insights were the key to a stumbling block in the project’s process, thereby making her a huge asset as a problem solver. I’m grateful to add her to my list of go-to assets.” —Stephanie Spence, author, screenwriter, social media influencer, former CEO of Spence Communications Inc., Coronado, CA


“Claire is great! Not good, not excellent, but great. I was stuck on a film project when I reached out to her. It was as a total Hail Mary. And I’m Jewish, so you can imagine how desperate I was. After talking to Claire for an hour, I felt clear and focused, and had my first solid writing day in a month. I’ve continued on a roll ever since, touching base with her along the way. What makes Claire so effective is her light touch… ease at tuning into the project and the writer’s process… valuable insights… and her positive energy and unique ability to be constructively honest.” —Alan Mandel, screenwriter and speechwriter, LA


“Claire was highly recommended to me… and she still exceeded my expectations! She’s a delight to work with, very intuitive, as well as technically skilled. She always delivered on time and her suggestions for edits made all the difference in my manuscript. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her on upcoming projects.” —Christine DeHerrera, author, Colorado


“I’m not a writer, but last night my husband read to me the beginnings of my memoir. I just sat and listened and took in the words written by your hand. It impacted us both greatly—we cried, laughed and were so amazed at the power of it all. Thank you for your wisdom and strength. I will see you soon. We will finish this! Bless you and much love to you.”
—Allison Smith, memoirist, Seattle, WA


“Claire is a gift from the universe. I needed help realizing my dream—to translate my workshops into book form so they could have even more positive impact in the world—but I was concerned that using a ghostwriter would mean my book sounded like someone else’s. Claire guided me to find a powerful, authoritative and clear writing voice that feels truly ME. I knew I could trust her with my dream. And she delivered far beyond the job requirement—she clearly cared about my work, encouraged me when I lagged, and held my vision when I lost faith. Congratulations on finding her.” —Stacey Sargent, author and CEO of Connect Growth and Development, Seattle, WA



“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I SO appreciate your encouragement and validation. It’s easier than I thought to put my opinions out into the world…especially when it runs through YOU first! I don’t think I can ever live without you now!” —Mitch Shepard, writer, blogger and founder of WiRL Leadership Summit, Seattle, WA



“Claire is able to synthesize your work into words that pop off the page, not to mention the feedback and guidance provided gets you out of writer’s block and moving forward faster than trying to do it all on your own. Without Claire, I wouldn’t have been able to get crystal clear on the premise of my book. She is a phenomenal listener, an amazing clarifier, and a passionate advocate. It’s extremely supportive to have a prolific writer in your corner!” —Kavita J Patel, writer, blogger and founder of Outrageously Happy Relationships, NYC



“Five years is a long time to huddle over the same 20 chapters. Enter Claire. It’s difficult for any writer to hand over their soul, spelled out in words, and trust the editor’s choices. Claire was razor sharp in revealing a truer sense of my story, while maintaining the essence of my voice and character. I now understood why every writer needs an editor who can find the pulse of their book and truly bring it to life.” —Colleen Hannegan, author, inspirational speaker and life coach, Orange County, CA